2023 April Vista News: Part VISTA Bearing Replaced TIMKEN Successfully


VISTA is a very important member of CBCC (www.bearing.com.cn). VISTA is a leading global supplier of high quality ball and roller bearings. Welcome all the bearing experts and users worldwide to join VISTA family and share the achievement of VISTA. VISTA has replaced TIMKEN successfully! Here are some products of VISTA:



T811 is a thrust cylindrical roller bearing with inner diameter of 530mm, outer diameter of 640mm, a thickness of 85mm, a weight of 57.8kg. Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are designed to accommodate heavy axial loads and impact loads. They must not be subjected to any radial load. The bearings are very stiff and require little axial space.



23040MBW33 is a spherical roller bearing with inner diameter of 200mm, outer diameter of 310mm, a thickness of 82mm, a weight of 21.9kg. 23044MBW33 is also a spherical roller bearing with inner diameter of 220mm, outer diameter of 340mm, a thickness of 90mm, a weight of 28.8kg. Pre-lubricated with a specially formulated grease and sealed with high-performance contact seals, they can protect the bearing and lubricant from contaminants that might otherwise cause premature bearing failure. Their high load carrying capacity and ability to accommodate misalignment further helps you prolong bearing service life.




As a leading global 811 and 23000 series bearing manufacturer and supplier in China, we're featured by perfect solution for many kinds of bearing supplying, competitive price and fast delivery for each customer. Please rest assured to buy 811 and 23000 series bearing at the best price from Vista. For any special requirement, contact us now.




VISTA's high-quality products and services have attracted bearing manufacturers all over the world, and have also created VISTA's achievements today!


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More about Vista:

VISTA is a leading global supplier of high quality ball and roller bearings. Modest (Shanghai)

Power Transmission Fittings Co., Ltd and Vista (Jiangsu) Industry Co.,Ltd are VISTA'S sole authorized dealer in Asia to manufacture VISTA bearing products and serve customers worldwide.

As a one-stop bearing supplier, VISTA offers professional application analysis, solutions and inventory management proposals. With well-trained sales and customer service staffs,professional lab service and engineer teams, VISTA not only can provide quick & accurate service, strong technical support but also meet various customers' requirements.

When the whole bearing industry faces severely lagged deliveries, VISTA'S greatly optimized production process, improved production efficiency and shortened production circle. For regular series of bearings, VISTA offers a 45-day delivery period, which can meet customers'requirements timely.

Welcome all the bearing experts and users worldwide to join VISTA family and share the achievement of VISTA.


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