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Electric car will be more popular soon and its critical component: bearings

"In the era of AI and software, no matter what high technology is used, it needs to be realized through mechanical devices, such as quality bearings parts, these …


China’s shared machine tools

Since 2010, sharing economy has taken root in China. In recent years, the concept of sharing economy was no strange to public and became …


A glimpse on the Japan’s machine tool industry

As a defeated country in World War II, how did Japan rise from the ruins just few decades and establish world-class industrial power? Reading history makes …


On Product Quality Control

Before explaining the product manufacturing process, let's first understand what a is. I. What is productTo understand a product, you should …


Analysis on Fault Diagnosis of Gearbox Bearing of Wind Turbine Generator

Abstract: In the drive system of a wind turbine generator set, gearbox is an important part, and bearing key device that directly determines whether can operate normally or not. …


China’s technological breakthrough in bearing steel: solving a major industry problem

The material used to make high-speed rail bearings is bearing steel which known as "king of steel". It one the most demanding types in smelting process. However, how …


Anuncio del lanzamiento de nuestro nuevo sitio web

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! After months hard work and dedication, we delighted officially launch. The sites available URL is …


2020 Oct Vista Bearing nueva entrega a Turquía

Some high performance VISTA Bearings had been delivered to Turkey. Also, Vista is busy with manufacturing large-size bearings weighing nearly one ton for another regular …


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